In June of 2009, Carbon Green Bio Energy, LLC (CGBE) was formed by a group of investors who purchased a bankrupt ethanol refinery in Lake Odessa, Michigan. This group was led Mitch J. Miller and Jason A. Jerke, both managing partners at NUVU Fuels, LLC, a biofuels management and operations company based in Ada, Michigan. CGBE distinguishes itself as the first biofuels production facility in the United States to establish its own ethanol brand, producing fifty-five million gallons of ethanol annually. They pride themselves on providing clean burning, high quality ethanol that enhances engine performance and assists in reducing the cost of gasoline.

CGBE created the Yellow Hose campaign with the goal of educating the public about the advantages of using fuels containing higher blends of ethanol such as E15, E30, E50, and E85. In the ultimate example of the farm-to-table movement, CGBE sells its own ethanol to consumers from an on-site pump that is open 24 hours and only accepts credit cards and debit cards as payment. CGBE supplies ethanol to almost fifty gas stations in Michigan; among them are two company-owned NUVU Fuels stores in Ionia and Rockford. On October 7, 2016, both NUVU Fuels locations became the first in Michigan to sell E85 for eighty-five cents per gallon.

NUVU Fuels usually offers E15 to customers for five cents per gallon less than gasoline, E30 for thirty cents less per gallon less per gallon than gasoline, and E50 for fifty cents less per gallon than gasoline. Locations who participate in the Yellow Hose campaign agree to consistently sell E85 for at least seventy cents per gallon less than gasoline. At one time, the spread between E85 and gasoline was one dollar per gallon. CGBE utilizes digital advertisements, directional billboards, and upgraded price signs to ensure that consumers know where they can purchase E85 and that using E85 will save them money. Most Yellow Hose locations only sell E85; however, there are some that sell E15, E30, and E50 along with E85.

Whenever I travel within the state of Michigan, I refer to the Yellow Hose app on my iPhone to locate participating stations on my route. Forward Corporation, a petroleum distributor based in Standish, Michigan, recently joined the Yellow Hose campaign and opened their first location selling E85 off Interstate 75 at Exit 160 in Bay City, Michigan. Due to the proximity of my workplace, this station is my usual location from where I purchase E85 for my vehicle. There are Yellow Hose locations in Flint that I patronize whenever I’m bound for southeast Michigan. I have also visited locations in Lansing, Battle Creek, and Niles while in southwest Michigan.

Supporting Carbon Green Bio Energy preserves millions of dollars within Michigan that would otherwise leave the state or travel overseas to purchase imported oil. Supporting Carbon Green Bio Energy also benefits the economy, the environment, and maintains energy independence. For these reasons, Yellow Hose has become synonymous with renewable fuels that offers a broader range of choices to customers. Whenever I see yellow now, I realize that I am saving more than green!